Amethyst Care Pack

Amethyst Care Pack

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 Amethyst Care Pack

A thoughtful pack to promote self care based around the properties of the Amethyst Crystal. 

Complete with; 


Reusable Water Resistant Headband
Essential for your daily skincare and make-up routine. Larger than most to suit all head shapes & sizes. A large area of Velcro to ensure it sticks. A PUL fabric outside, with an absorbent towelling on the inner. 

Pack of 5 Reusable Cleansing Wipes 
An absolute must for any makeup user. Perfect to remove makeup with, and to apply cleanser with. These will last up to 12 months, but we recommend replacing between 6-9 months dependent on usage. Please note: The patterns are random and you may not get the exact same as the ones pictured in this image. Thee are dependent on fabrics which change throughout the year. 

Luna Bee Self Care Egyptian Rose Goats Milk Soap Bar 
Egyptian Rose Petals submerged in Goats Milk Soap, infused with Jasmine Essential Oil

Star Sister Amethyst Rough Stone
Amethyst helps to alleviate feelings of anxiety, anger, fear and sadness, and can help with grief and loss. It can help you to feel in control, motivated and more mentally focused, assisting with decision-making and forming new ideas.

A stone of protection, Amethyst blocks psychic attacks and negative energies. It is also a great stone to use if you wish to enhance your spiritual awareness. Sleeping with Amethyst can bring intuitive dreams and may improve your dream recall. In addition, Amethyst can promote restful sleep.

It's powerful healing abilities can help to relieve physical, psychological and emotional pain, and can ease tension and headaches.